Community Guidelines


We’ve carefully crafted the Dolo to trigger meaningful and fun conversations that expand people’s natural ability to connect to their surroundings in every way imaginable. Help us protect this experience: be respectful of others in your posts and contributions, don’t post abusive, sexist, racist, or lewd content, and please don’t spam people. You can also help us by effectively moderating your own conversations, and reporting content that you think violates these guidelines. Oh, and please follow the law, and don’t plagiarize content or disseminate false information.

The details

Every interaction designed in Dolo is meant to allow everyone to tap into the shared experiences and energy of their surroundings, in the moment, wherever they are. This often means that conversations are happening with strangers, outside the bubble of our existing networks. And while everyone on Dolo can get comfortable behind their chosen usernames and masked profiles, that doesn’t mean that we can throw reputation and accountability out the window. We have created these Community Guidelines to protect the experience of our users, and drive toward the true delight and utility that we believe everyone can benefit from on our platform.

By using Dolo, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Violating these guidelines could result in your content being reported and deleted, and your account being warned and potentially disabled.

  • Be cool and respectful: conversations are great when they’re vibrant, full of energy, fun, sometimes even full of disagreements and debate. But the positive power of conversation becomes limited when some unfortunate behaviors start creeping in. We will not tolerate content that is abusive to an individual or a community, racist, or sexist. Violent threats, harassment, spam, hateful conduct, misuse of private information are all some examples of such abusive behavior. We do realize that debate is healthy and drives conversation – citing abusive content, for example, for the purpose of debating it might actually yield a meaningful and beneficial conversation. We will evaluate such instances on a case by case basis, paying attention to context and stated intent.
  • Follow the law: duh! Please don’t use Dolo for any unlawful purpose, and make sure that wherever you’re using it, you’re following all relevant local laws. This also includes respecting copyright and trademark regulations.
  • Avoid inappropriate graphic content: please don’t post images and representations of excessive violence, illegal activity, pornographic content, nudity, and otherwise sexually suggestive content. We understand that sometimes such content is shared for purposes of awareness, newsworthiness, or education, and we will evaluate such cases based on context and stated intent, but we will always prioritize making sure that our community experience remains appropriate for everyone.
  • Be the boss of the conversations you start: our first line of defense is you! You are basically the moderator of the conversations you start. You can delete inappropriate comments, and you will be notified when other people report comments in your conversations so you can take action accordingly. This gives you the power to set the tone in your own conversations, and to drive them in ways that you deem productive and meaningful. We still reserve the right to moderate out content in your conversations that we decide is a clear violation of these guidelines.
  • Help us protect the experience: you can do so by reporting specific comments or entire conversations, or users, if you think that they violate these guidelines. Over time, we might even ask you to help us moderate these cases. Now you might run across content that you don’t find appropriate but doesn’t clearly violate our guidelines; in such cases, you can hide the post or block the user. We also imagine that, in a lot of these cases, trying to resolve issues by participating in the conversation or reaching out to a user might lead to a happy resolution for everyone.

For more information, visit our FAQs and Terms of Service. You can also email us with questions at [email protected]. Thank you for keeping Dolo fun and respectful for everyone.