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Contract • Remote

Dolo is a location-based message board for socializing and discovering what’s happening around you. When you create a post in Dolo, anyone using the app nearby will see your post, and can react and contribute to it. We made Dolo with the goal of expanding people’s natural yet limited ability to connect with their surroundings and tap into the energy of the here & now.

We're looking for writers to start engaging conversations on a semi-regular basis (2-3 posts/comments a week). Posts are relatively short (around tweet length). You'll be the eyes and ears in your neighborhood and helping to lead the community by example.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Live near a major U.S city.
  • Are naturally witty, funny, and instigating.
  • Can provide insightful comments and answers to posts in the app.
  • Have an iPhone.

Posts in Dolo can be about any of the following topics:

  • I need some info or a favor.
  • I’m proposing an event.
  • Folks need to know this.
  • Just chatter and banter.

Compensation and next steps

Since each post/comment is only a few sentences, we’d like to work out a monthly retainer with the expectation that content writers would spend a few minutes throughout the week replying to posts and creating engaging posts of their own. Roughly 2-3 original posts and 3-5 comments on other people’s posts a week.

If interested, please send a short message that includes your current city, a little about yourself, and what you think about the app to [email protected].