The Founders

Photo of Raja

Raja Haddad
Co-founder & CEO
Raja spent six years at Apple, working on the Watch launch and go-to-market strategy, after previously working on mobile innovation in Apple Retail marketing. Previously he was a consultant at Katzenbach Partners. Harvard BA, Stanford MBA. Raja will happily give up on all weekend activities to binge watch a TV series. He's an avid fan of live music, cooking (but not baking), and bubble baths.

Photo of Ben

Benjamin Vigier
Co-founder & CPO
Ben was responsible for driving new product features for Apple Pay, after three years leading consumer mobile apps for Apple Retail mobile commerce where he and Raja first worked together. Previously, he led the creation and launch of the Starbucks app. After 19 years of launching mobile products, 20+ patents, and Master of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (Paris Dauphine) there's nothing else he looks foward to more than music, champagne, and kitesurfing.

Photo of Andy

Andy Mai
Co-founder & CXO
Andy has over 13 years of experience at creative agencies and startups. In 2011, he was crowned Reddit Submitter of the Year and was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media. If you've ever used an app that tells you what song is playing, you have him to thank. He met Raja and Ben serendipidously at Coachella in 2013 where they bonded over their love for music and good conversation. When not using a lint roller to remove the fur from his 4 cats, he is usually outdoors or taking pictures.

Our Philosophy

Our vision for Dolo came from feeling like we live in a bubble of our social networks. Dolo helps people amplify what we all do naturally by providing a platform for simple serendipitous conversation with others nearby. Debate the latest protest, find that secret popup, make a new friend, borrow a corkscrew. Make yourself heard or—just eavesdrop.

Anyone can create a post about nearly any topic imaginable. Every post is independently moderated by the person who started it, the community, and our team of moderators. To learn more, check out our Community Guidelines.

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Our Advisors

Photo of Paul

Paul Deneve Former Apple Special Projects; former CEO of Saint Laurent (YSL), Lanvin, and Nina Ricci.

Photo of Hiroki

Hiroki Asai Former head of Apple Marcom; led Apple marketing creative direction for 18 years.

Photo of Michelle

Michelle Gonzales Comcast Ventures, IBM Ventures, Influencer Series founder.

Photo of Adeyemi

Adeyemi Ajao Serial entrepreneur; Workday; Identified; Tuenti.

Photo of Jake

Jake Brill 9 years product management at Facebook.

Photo of Jake

Alex Davidov Investor at Core Innovation Capital. Former Bridgewater, Katzenbach Partners. Former founder at Intellitoys and SkillSlate.