Chat pods with people near you.

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Can people be good strangers?

We think so. With Dolo, we want to expand people’s natural yet limited ability to connect with their surroundings and tap into that energy. Curiosity in the here and now, for everyone—from the most active social instigators to the quiet eavesdroppers.

Naturally Social.


Claim your username and choose a mask. Only people you add as friends can see your real identity.

Social Un-Networked

Get out of your bubble and see what people are talking about around you. Just open the app and go.

People Friendly

Dolo is about rediscovering the joys of serendipitous conversations with people around you.

"Thank you for making Dolo! It’s very easy to use and really entertaining. I love feeling like I can interact with others around me without making it seem odd or unnatural."

Still not convinced?

Maybe this list of reasons why Dolo is Different will help.

  • Community moderated by people like you

  • Masks for fun and to hide your identity

  • Will actually ban trolls, racists, neo-nazis, misogynists, etc.

  • Won't spam you

  • Gluten-free...and also free-free.

Why are you still scrolling?

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